Vocational Training and Development

VOCATIONAL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT prepares Tumaini students for future growth and economic opportunity. Programs include Technology and Social Media Training, the Sewing and Tailoring Training Program, and the Beading Project


The Technology and Social Media training program at Tumaini provides students with skill that have become essential for the best employment and career opportunities. For children from disadvantaged backgrounds the lack of these skill makes closing the gap of inequality more difficult.  Technology skills are also essential for success in higher education.

The Sewing and Tailoring training program
Women and girls in the Nyeri area can receive free training in sewing and tailoring skills. As they improve theirskills, the women make craft items for re-sale and school uniforms for the children supported in the Tumaini project. Proceeds from the sale of these items are used to provide on-going support for the project. Since the project began in 2005, more than 150 women and girls have received the training. About 50 women have purchased machines and are doing sewing in their homes, about 30 have been employed in tailoring shops, 25 women do piece work for Tumaini and many of the graduates of the program continue to save for their own machines.


The Beading Project

The Beading Project was started by Pricilla Muthoni, parish secretary, (Upper R). This group of women migrated on foot with their children to Nyeri from the Turkana District in northeastern Kenya to escape severe famine and political unrest in their home region. 

Because the women have no formal education and speak only their native tongue, they had no means of supporting themselves and their Children in their new home. 

With a small donation for materials, Pricilla has helped them create this enterprise. The proceeds from jewelry sales are helping these women support their families and educate their children.